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January 28 Writing Prompt

january 28 writing prompt

Happy Monday. I hope you had a great writing weekend. I’m pleased to say I’m closing in on the end of another chapter in my YA WIP after some productive writing sessions this weekend. Some days the words are slow to come, but my 2019 phrase is, “Do a little more today than yesterday!”

What helped me this weekend?

  • I spent a good chunk of time finishing up the full-manuscript read for my critique partner. It seems like time away from my own writing would be a distraction, but it’s always helpful for me to dig into what’s working (or not) in other people’s manuscripts—it makes me see so many things I could improve about my own writing. 
  • Amazon Prime Music: My son introduced me to this. I’ve always known I had this service, but I never spent the time to explore what’s available to me. There’s a ton of great music at my fingertips—all because I spend my $s to get free 2-day shipping! I love the pre-made playlists. Of course, I use Pandora and Spotify, but there’s something inherently satisfying about using something I’ve been missing out on even though I’ve been paying for it all along.
  • Library writing. I love writing in the common room at my local library. There aren’t dishes begging to be washed or Netflix shows calling to me. It’s forced work time with the added perk of finding new books to read when I’ve finished my word count.

How about you? Tell me how the writing went this weekend? What sticky situations did you get your characters into or out of? In case you need a little push, here’s some inspiration for this fresh-start Monday. Today’s words for the writing prompt are: transfer, theft, strange, surprise, compromise, displace, negligence. 

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  1. Sara, I agree, the Library study-room writing is SO much more productive for me, especially because of the absence of distractions. I love my Library. Just also discovered the local University library, and hope to do some serious writing and research there this year…

    January 28, 2019
    • I love university libraries, as well, Damon. Something about being surrounded by all the sleep-deprived and hardworking students is inspiring! I just checked out your blog, and you have had quite a year of change. I’m sending you good thoughts for a peaceful and productive 2019!

      January 28, 2019

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