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January 25 Writing Prompt

january 25 writing prompt

The Friday flowers are my favorite. Today’s words for our writing prompt are: employee, evening, hammer, despair, cunning, drawing, privacy. 

It’s been a busy week for me. MLK Day threw a wrench into my schedule. I love having my kids home from school but losing a work day definitely sets everything askew. Back-to-back meetings at work also make for a less productive writing week. And, I’m knee deep in a full manuscript read for one of my critique partners. I’m lucky to have so many irons in the fire, but weeks like this one are when I have to remind myself to breathe and feel grateful for my job, writing, my family, and all of the things that make life busy and fuller. How was your week? Happy writing!

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  1. TammyB #

    This is my favorite type of prompt!

    January 25, 2019
    • Me too, Tammy! I find that a random smattering of words loosens up my brain more than a pre-determined situation that might be in other types of writing prompts. Everyone has something different that works for them. Happy writing!

      January 28, 2019

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