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January 16 Writing Prompt

january 16 writing prompt

I can’t believe we are more than halfway through January. I’m feeling some pressure because I’m behind on my word count this week. On the flipside, I’ve had some plotting breakthroughs in my YA book. I spent months running from the dark tone that was part of the original story idea, and I had crafted the book into something serious, but much lighter and redemptive. Some plot twists this week made me realize that I have to stop running from the dark side of my brain and just write the story–complete with the mean kids, shady teachers, and squirmy situations.

Today’s words for your own writing prompt are: transfer, hostility, principle, relieve, chief, representative, headline. 

In my mind, these words have the makings of a political thriller. How will you interpret them? Please let me know in the comments what you created. Happy writing!

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