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January 8 Writing Prompt

january 8 writing prompt 365

It’s Tuesday. How did your writing week start off? Yesterday was a prescribed day of brainstorming for me. I’m juggling two manuscripts—and have been for way too long if I’m honest about it. One is a Middle Grade mystery/puzzle adventure. The second is a YA contemporary about some pretty heavy issues. Many people would say it’s a big no, no to jump between stories, but on the days when the YA feels too heavy, it’s nice to have my fun, twisty puzzle book where I can lose myself in codes and red herrings. Sometimes though, juggling two books begs for a day of brainstorming and getting things figured out so I can spend another week plowing ahead with the drafting. At least for me because I’m a planner through and through.

Today’s words are: loop, minor, victory, left, common, sculpture, bear.

Please let me know in the comments what you created. Happy writing!

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